MBPT rollout @m2m

MBPT rollout @m2m 

Monday was the big day for the mother baby pair tracking project where we rolled out 20 smartphones to five sites around South Africa in one of the poorest townships in the country called Khayelitsha.

m2m works filling the gaps where the country’s medical system fails to provide adequate medical attention to patients, and in a place where the HIV rate is one out of ever four people, time is critical for these women.

The tracking program is designed to help m2m employees locate and update the client’s record from the field using smart phones to help make them adhere to the medication schedule. If they fail to take the medication on time, the body can build up a resistance and it’s likely they will pass the virus on to the baby.

Along with client record retrieval, the system also adds the electronic forms to queues based on where they are in the antenatal or postnatal process, notifies the mentor mother of upcoming tasks, and will go as far as sending an SMS to the client for their appointment.

A couple pictures from the rollout from the sites:

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