Welcome Wholehearted ICats 2015

Welcome Wholehearted ICats 2015

The last 5 days, I experienced something special. I felt the energy and power of a group of people, who are wholehearted. A group of people who came together in…more

Introducing the new ICats Fellows 2014 cohort

The ICats 2014 cohort arrived well in their Fellowship destinations early February 2014 to start working with their host organizations. LGT Venture Philanthropy would like to welcome this 12 outstanding…more

Impressions ICats 2013

ICats have unforgettable experiences during their capacity building Fellowship with LGT Venture Philanthropy, a leading impact investing organization. Enjoy their pictures - click on the pictures to see the full…more

INSEAD 10-year Reunion

I went to my INSEAD 10-year reunion over the weekend in Fontainebleau (FBL), 55 klms outside of Paris. I also attended its Entrepreneurship Forum and Private Equity conference - I…more
The 2013 iCat Fellowship Kickoff

The 2013 iCat Fellowship Kickoff

Once again this year the fellowship class 2013 joined in Zurich for some great adventures and to build a bond that will last for the rest of their lives. This…more
Thanks iCats 2012

Thanks iCats 2012

After a lot of ups and downs, learnings both in the workshop in Zurich and from the field, the iCats fellowship 2012 has come to a close. The majority of…more

Davos 2013 Last day …

To conclude my "Davos series," I think there is no better article that describes the event than one written by Nick Paumgarten of the New Yorker last year. It makes…more

Davos 2013 Second day …

Second day . . . and some things have changed . . . namely the invasion of corporate booths/cafes on the streets of Davos (the trend apparently started last year).…more

Davos 2013 First official day …

First official day of Davos 2013. I am here with Juergen Griesbeck, Founder/CEO, streetfootballworld, Germany and Social Entrepreneur of the Year, Europe, 2011. It has been 5 years since I…more