A Road Less Traveled

A young girl walks up a mountain road. Not quite twenty yet, her thoughts are full of the celebrations planned for the annual day event on the morrow, and the…more

m2m Hackathon

Mothers2Mothers is game changing and award winning NGO that focuses on prevention of mother to child transmission of HIV. It features an innovative "mentor mother" model where HIV positive women…more
A visit to the field

A visit to the field

After several months without going to the field, I finally got a chance this week to return to rural Rajasthan where Educate Girls’ runs its program. For me this is…more

If it would be easy

If it would be easy, comfortable and with no loss at all, what would be the merit in joining a social cause through a fellowship program such as ICats -…more

SPIEF, Russia Nr. 1

Two weeks ago I attended SPIEF (http://www.forumspb.com/#) in St. Petersburg (SPG), Russia. It is one of the biggest conferences in Russia, very much modeled after the Davos meeting of the…more

INSEAD 10-year Reunion

I went to my INSEAD 10-year reunion over the weekend in Fontainebleau (FBL), 55 klms outside of Paris. I also attended its Entrepreneurship Forum and Private Equity conference - I…more