mHealth kick off @ m2m

mHealth kick off @ m2m 

This week I started the user acceptance training (UAT) for one of the largest rollouts of mHealth to date at mothers2mothers. The system will capture information through a smart phone and record all the data throughout the PMTCT cascade to help deliver healthy babies.

The mHealth system for tracking and evaluation will be used to link the HIV positive mother starting with the first visit at any of the sites in South Africa, until 18 months after she has delivered her baby. The m2m mentor mother will have the device on hand and be able to query key indicators during the PMTCT cycle which should compliment the entire process. Because of the migratory nature of the clients, previously it was difficult to measure how effective the program was when the mothers went from one site to another, sometimes in the same day. The previous paper based system would not allow the mentor mother from one site to know that the client had already visited a m2m client, which clinic, when, and for what.

The system is using a custom built application installed on the smart phone and is connected to a custom server in the main office. The application will also send notifications based on a queue to help with active client followup, or ACFU.

This very ambitious process is scheduled for rollout next week, so stay tuned for more updates from the field!

Some pictures from training:

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