Africa, Tech Hubs, & GDP 

The tech market in Africa is currently growing at an exponencial rate as the fiber optic cables reach the barren coasts from Senegal to South Africa. Tech hubs are sprouting up almost as fast as companies looking to invest in emerging models to enter the market. Cell phone penetration is at an all time high where the conversion from “feature phone” (basic Nokias) to smart phones is under way creating new opportunities in the market.

There is a direct correlation between the GDP growth and tech hubs in Africa where incubation labs will introduce new business practices, development, programmers, entrepreneurs, creatives and investors with a space to work, network, and create.

Using the Usahidi platform, you can view this correlation mapped out:

These spaces will become the central nervous system for tech in the community and serve as a landing pad for technology and business in Africa. They will be key in facilitating new points of exchange for long-term expats, fellows, and finding local talent to be submerged in the next wave of innovation from the bottom up in Africa.

The GDP growth in Africa:

And the tech hubs:

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