The Real Struggle…

The Real Struggle… 

Walking through the trendy and bohemian Barranco district in Lima this past weekend I caught an image of a mother sitting in an alleyway keeping her young children occupied while attempting to sell candy and cigarettes to the passerby.

While many of us don’t mind complaining routinely about being underpaid, the cost of living, the stress at work and the poor service we had at the restaurant, chances are it is unjustified. We know where are next meal is coming from, we have clean water, safe shelter, a wardrobe of clothes and more technology at out fingertips than NASA had when they flew to the moon in 1969. So why do we still complain? It’s the age old problem of wanting more and being “better” than the next person. We forget to appreciate what we have and just how lucky we have been (I can assure you it wasn’t hark work alone). It’s time to switch off the Western capitalist game of show and tell and at the same time espousing our supposed struggle.

If only more of us would stop, think of the less fortunate and give back the World they have received so much from we could all share in riches.

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