Testimonial by Justin Arenhold, Fellow at BCEK

Testimonial by Justin Arenhold, Fellow at BCEK 

With 28 years of Senior Management experience in the Hospitality & Ecotourism sector, Justin was one of the Senior Fellows that LGT Venture Philanthropy had the honor to work with. From 2019 to 2021 he was responsible for the Strategic Development of Basecamp Explorer Kenya, supporting the Chairman and CEO in their respective roles.

In his testimonial Justin shares how he was able to generate positive impact and how the Fellowship shaped his professional ambitions. Read the testimonial here.

The Fellowship has provided me with the most incredible platform from which to make a positive and sustainable impact in the field of Ecotourism.

Justin Arenhold

Also read more about Justin’s experience of living and working in the Maasai Mara in his blog article; and about his achievements in his Impact Report.

Justin will continue his impact-driven work in the Ecotourism sector and is always keen to share his expertise. Reach out to him via LinkedIn to learn more.

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