Annual Union Budget of India 

On February 28th the Indian Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, presented the Union Budget for 2015-16. To quote, “the budget 2015-16 has been widely hailed as a #SuperBudget, which will put India firmly on the growth path.”

As I am doing my fellowship with Aangan, a child protection organization with operations in 6 states in India, I worked on a visual comparison, to see how the government allocated funds to various issues concerning children, from school education and literacy to child protection.

I am an ICats  Fellow with the Aangan Trust in Mumbai, India. As part of LGT Venture Philanthropy‘s support to scale proven local solutions, the ICats Program was established to provide additional know-how to social organizations. The program connects social organizations in need of professional know-how, and experts with the desire to apply their knowledge in a meaningful way, thus acting as “Impact Catalysts”. This is how the name ICats came about. Global corporations can integrate the ICats Program into their leadership development programs to promote responsible leadership through first hand experience.

Aangan is a child protection organization that promotes safe communities for children with a focus on children in dangerous or difficult situations and environments.These are children imperiled by their exposure or vulnerability to isolation, neglect, violence, hazardous or exploitative work, early marriage, juvenile offending, trafficking and abuse. Aangan enables safe communities where children, adults and governments work together to prevent and respond to the harm these children face.

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