A Serendipitous Fellow for Global Impact

A Serendipitous Fellow for Global Impact 

By Jonathan van Dyck, LGT Impact Fellow for AMP Health, Ghana

The crisp mountain air, the majestic peaks, the serene picturesque atmosphere, and the
promise of new horizons – this was the backdrop for a transformative journey that unfolded
during the LGT Impact Fellowship kick-off workshop in the Swiss Alps.

The LGT Impact Fellowship is designed to identify and match outstanding individuals with
portfolio organizations of the LGT Venture Philanthropy and Lightrock. Fellows must have
extensive business skills, strong entrepreneurial potential, and a deep commitment to
instigating social transformation. It offers a unique opportunity for mid-career professionals
to gain hands-on experience in the impact sector, make a meaningful difference in the world, and build a network of like-minded individuals.

I stumbled upon the Fellowship serendipitously and I’m excited I did, especially learning that I am the first Ghanaian Fellow since its inception approximately 14 years ago. First, but definitely will not be the only!

The one week workshop was a treasure trove of knowledge exchange. Through engaging
sessions, immersive discussions, and captivating presentations, Fellows delved into a wealth
of topics ranging from impact investing and sustainable development to innovative solutions
for pressing global issues. The stimulating environment served as a catalyst for creativity and
learning, making every session an opportunity to broaden horizons.

Delectable dishes served as a reminder that the journey to impact is not all about work; it’s about savouring life’s experiences. The dining table in the adorable Gemsli hut became a space for sharing stories, laughing, and creating lasting memories. Need I talk about the mountain hikes, the stunning views, and the sense of accomplishment that comes with reaching the summit to “catch” early morning sunrise!

What started as a gathering transformed into a fellowship united by a shared purpose: to drive
sustainable change. The bonds formed in the Alps are poised to extend globally, shaping a
network of changemakers who will ripple change across the globe.

For those seeking a chance to create substantial change in a world that appears overwhelmed by disorder and destitution, keep an eye out for the opening for the next cohort of the LGT Impact Fellowship.

The world holds boundless opportunities, and I remain committed to making meaningful impact to help realise my small African dream.

Jonathan van Dyck, 2023 cohort

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