The existence of Society’s Chinese Wall.

The existence of Society’s Chinese Wall. 

A couple of days ago, as I was walking to my apartment, I found myself with the scene above. A protest was underway about some new developments hip-trendy apartment developments in Barranco’s neighborhood, which seems to be causing a problems with some of the population of said neighborhood.

With the chant of “Barranco no se vende” (Barranco is not for sale) this mob crashed a party at the garden of the MAC (Museum of Contemporary Art). A true scene out of a Hollywood production, the angry mob of tired of watching their rights being stomped over by the greedy desires of a more opulent crowd crashes a very posh celebration of those who they see the culprits of their headaches, and the answer of the posh crowd was to turn on the volume of their speakers to drown the justice claim of the mob.

How much longer we will “turn up the volume” to mute the cry for justice and attention? The chinese wall society has build to keep its problems out will not hold forever. Society’s termometer show that we have reached the boiling point, think about that Time Magazine has named the protester as the person of the year 2011.

It is time that we jump into action and help address these issues and change the wall for a bridge.

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